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Psychedelic oddities,mutant r n’ b, deft electronica and lo-fi weirdness all abound at the AMDISCS label. Black Forest spoke to the labels owner and founder Rado Z. to shed more light on how the label came to be…



How and when did Amdiscs come into being?


Well AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label came into being in 2010 as an offshoot activity of a blog called All, Everyone, United that I created back in 2009 and my long term passion, interest in exceptional and creative musical endeavours which I catalysed until that time…


What was the first release on Amdiscs?


The first release was a cheerful, chillwavesque electronic project Pears – Sterling Postures by Gary Morris, Cape Tooownian at that time residing in Brooklyn.


There’s a diverse range of music on the label, predominantly electronic but very eclectic.Is there a theme to the label or is it just what you find inspiring? What’s the labels philosophy and what do you look for in an prospective Amdiscs artist?


 Well, the multitude of genres is paradoxically the best way how to get closer to what is it all about, the core thing, and how it’s holding onto the way music is created in every corner of the world that is in transition nowadays.    Contemplating and bringing forth some special exchange to already established genres or artistic preferences, iconography columns of how music is being created, dissolved & recreated, this is soaked up with kind of ecstatic atmosphere that could be experienced from music we roofed throughout time. Its not only about individual as a creator, artist whose dissipated position is nowadays quite paradoxically to past, just by being online and able to share himself, involving with and affecting lives of numerous people worldwide, but also about the weathered concepts that aren’t of any use, and that were headlining the past.
  Today its stream superscript era, no one is dwelling for defying duration, nor oppressive pitches. When 15 year old kids use appropriation in their everyday lives in a far more elaborate manner then how few of the chosen elites could do it 20 years ago, and endlessly relistenable connections shred exuberance and hipness into tackling myriad of scenes, its like downloading the future that evolved from your own interests, and people love this – because it relinquishes selection and pulls down hinges. There is no one today who could boast to others that he was the first in something, and I like that, this was built from constant recreation – people could finally just simply be who they simply are.



Were you involved before Amdiscs in any other projects/ventures?Do you have any musical projects of your own?


Well, I was occupied in different stages of my life with different artistic projects and endeavours, more or less from whole spectrum and all areas starting with art, design, painting, installation and site specific projects, cinematography, video, audio, multimedia production and all sorts of experimental undertakings, so I was able to absorb and resonate with a bit from everything that I’m able to use at the present moment while facing new challenges. In the past I went through a period when I used to produce electronic music, experimental, ambient, noisy stuff, mostly about synth sounds and sines, and utter mostly for my own pleasure, but I’m not sure if I could come up with any of those recordings from the past due to frequent changing of places, and my lack of need to archive my artistic efforts. But there was a period in my life when I spent whole days, weeks, months creating music, It was very nice and creative with relation to purgatory experience and I have good memories from that time.


Do you organise any Amdiscs shows/events?


There are shows happening around the year, its about the interest from outside and people who like to see perform the artists we work with, its related to exposure of each artist we work with at a given time, I used to manage and organize European tours for artists with whom we toured main European cities, showcase tours, but due to lack of time and other life challenges that took place in 2013 the tour hasn’t happened, it was initially taking place bi-annually, in summer and winter, we had a great time and all the people with whom we met were very friendly, it was not only about a tour but about a bond, friendship and shared mission, to convey something unusual with a sense of egalitarian principles and have fun. I’m looking forward for next era of this tours to invariably accrue, let see what  2014 will bring.




Do you have tales to tale about experiences that have happened from creating Amdiscs, wild ,funny, humourous or otherwise?


I have lot of tales, and lot of experiences, I could speak for hours… Since the beginning the label was part of my everyday life and I learned to breathe with it, no matter if I was going through hard times or high times, I could tell about kindness of random people, and I can also tell of worst imaginable deception from people with whom we used to stand on one side, that’s life, but the main thing is that no one can ever steal or pocket your vision if he with his life hasn’t been it himself, built it from the first brick and invested into it his heart besides time, money and wit, the same goes in the opposite way, it cant be successful, or attract others if the main intention won’t exceed and reach out to something in everyone that makes it worth for them to let it in , not just a poser attitude, and music can have miraculous effects… Its definitely a one of a kind humanist activity, no matter in what post time period we find ourselves… While we were chatting thanks to a dear person I looked up the constitution of Užupis that puts it pretty briefly:


I think it not only serves good as a formal constitution, but people should read this no matter if they belong to any sort of social, political, or religious group, but just to keep alive the basics, everyday when they woke up.


Are there any other acts/labels can you recommend, anyone you think deserves wider recognition?


I’m checking out lot of interesting music everyday, but I have to direct people to what I feel deserves attention and that is an exceptional artist about whom we`ll for sure hear more soon, we have released his debut album earlier this year , VANGUARD, from labels I like 1080p, but there is great bunch of music labels and people who do great music, my focus stays still the same, the best from the emerging scene, not pigeonholed, #hashtag tru.


What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the future?


Our main work now, this year, was focused to maintain steady workflow. We worked on it hard throughout this year, and its taking the wholesome shape naturally as we want it to. Becoming a solid online platform with a goosebumps alignment, so we get wider recognition for music made by artists we work with, that is part of our own work, we will try to comfortably step by step move to subscription platform, reach the desired balance, and find the best solution for people who like to listen to quality music from upcoming, emerging as well established artists, mostly electronic music that is crunching genres …We built our name thanks to everything concurrently actual, always exploring present sources and we aren`t planning to give up that reflection in the near future, our vision kept the wheel spinning in the hardest times and it proves itself to be the major turning point for all activities related… New energy transforms everything that’s taking shape and we want to be part of it, as we have been always in the recent past, there is our passion for flux and we hope more people will turn to the side where we want to share this passion with everyone open to receive it, lets shoot for lifetime awards when we get older. Up to this date it was hard work from scratch, each and every single day, now we are more experienced and we learned the best way… The life way, getting right to the point. In 2014 we are going to release couple of already known artists we worked with, who proved themselves to be hyperactive and resonant with spoonful of turgidity, energising the internet with explosion of true humanity, reliable people with whom its pleasure to work together, just to mention a few AyGeeTee, a i r s p o r t s, Drip-133, Nmesh, Vanguard, Worshyper, Krusht .. and some great new names as well, it will be a synaesthetic refraction of the best we can get from our point. I would like to thank to all people with whom we worked and been in touch throughout 2013..



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