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Radio Black Forest was set up in 2008 to showcase challenging music and ideas. The night is run by Andy Hayes (aka Andy Black Forest), with a revolving list of collaborators and co-conspirators. Primarily based in Birmingham UK The night has seen the like of acts from all across the globe , from Denmark’s A.I. Theorist, inventor and prankster Goodiepal to Beijing’s avant electro rockers White. Radio Black forest has also started to work across the UK and in greater Europe and forged links with Vilnius, Lithuania where some of our past events have taken place . (See our event archive section for some of our past shows UK and overseas…)

For more background information on the history and philosophy of Black Forest check out this 2014 interview in S13 :

Radio Black Forest encourages people who can contribute through art, music or any other medium to get in touch and collaborate, invoking a collective spirit amongst artists and performers..

Since its inception, Radio Black Forest has received no funding from any organisations,and is 100% DIY and committed to bringing challenging avant garde cultural events (from concerts to film screenings) into the public arena.

With an avid interest in fringe cultures and ideas pertaining to the esoteric spectrum, Radio Black Forest invokes what is left of the DIY ethos and makes potential audiences participators not spectators . From new and exciting acts to innovators and established artists alike, Radio Black Forest seeks quality and integrity rather than the latest fads and trends.. Radio Black Forest also recommends that you drink cups of tea..Regularly…

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